*Guaranteed Income

through a Variable Annuity and Income Rider -

What happens when you run out of money in retirement?  Some might say.. "Confusion" and "Anxiety".  Is your retirment income guaranteed?  Could it run out?
Company pensions were common during our parents generation.  Pensions of late have been largely replaced by 401(k)'s, which are certainly not a bad investment, but they don't provide a  guaranteed monthly check when you retire.
Sadly, the fear of running out of money has become a reality for many Americans.  How do you prevent it from becoming a reality for you?  We can look at what converting accounts you may already have in place would look like for you.  
Consider establishing a guaranteed income stream that will last a lifetime, and could increase in value, as long as you or your spouse are still living.  If you want confidence and security in your retirement investments, simply request that I put a tailored solution together for you when we meet.

* Variable annuities are long-term, tax deferred vahicles designed for retirement purposes.  They offer three main benefits: tax-deferred treatment of earnings, guaranteed death benefit options, and guaranteed lifetime payout options.  All guarantees, including optional benefits, are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.  Annuity fees and charges include mortality and expense risk fee and administrative charge, surrender charges, annual fee, and investment option managemtne fee.  Additonal fees may apply to optional benefits selected, including living enefit riders.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck