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Industry Leaders On Our Team

To manage the dilemma of needing both a good offense and defense, TFA works with some of the most respected money managers in the business, who provide active management to our clients

Each advisory firm we have chosen to partner with offers uniquely different investment strategies so that our TFA representatives can provide a diverse selection of styles customized to meet each client’s needs.

TFA only works with firms dedicated to the highest standards. Before money managers are selected to join the TFA team, firms must undergo assessment reviews by TFA and continue to meet expectations during TFA’s ongoing due diligence checks.
















For almost four decades Avatar Associates has been bringing global active asset allocation to its clients. Avatar’s carefully  developed flexible asset allocation approach is designed to generate solid returns by reducing the perils of volatility. Avatar’s aim is to create a system that balances investment risk and reward. To this end, clients benefit from a coordinated approach that blends asset allocation, rigorous security selection, and distinct sell strategies. Avatar has maintained this consistent philosophy and process over its total history and all market cycles, never varying from its mission or changing its approach, but always expanding to use new technologies and opportunities to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Avatar is now, for the first time in its history, bringing institutional asset management to the TFA client in 401(k) plans and $30,000 separately managed accounts using ETFs.

CLS InvestmentsLLC (“CLS”) is an SEC-registered investment adviser and one of the largest independently-owned third-party money managers in the U.S. CLS believes an investment methodology called Risk Budgeting is critical in crafting client portfolios. A client’s Risk Budget is based on his or her individual financial goals, ability and willingness to handle risk, and investment time horizon. Once established, CLS allocates the client’s portfolio with a goal of capitalizing on areas of growth and underweighting areas that are lagging, while maintaining a level of risk consistent with the budget. If portfolio adjustments cause an increase in the risk of the portfolio, CLS will make adjustments to other holdings seeking to lower the overall risk and bring the portfolio back within budget. CLS currently has more than $5 billion under management, partners with thousands of financial professionals, and manages 10 proprietary mutual funds.

Curian's Custom Style Portfolios unlock the power of separately managed accounts for the average investor. Curian provides access to: exclusive, institutional-quality money managers and complete portfolio customization – enabling clients to exclude asset classes, social sectors and even individual securities; tax efficiency and the ability for clients to align their tax strategy with their investment strategy; portfolio transparency with 24/7 access to all account information, including fees, performance, portfolio holdings, transaction history and gain/loss information; and the convenience of one portfolio with one statement and one performance report. Curian gives clients the peace of mind of knowing they are in control of their investments, pursuing their objectives intelligently with a fully diversified portfolio and custom asset allocation plan based on their individual needs.

A federally registered RIA since 1981, Flexible Plan InvestmentsLtdprovides risk-managed investment portfolios for mutual fund, variable annuity, variable life and retirement plans. In addition to its popular Select Alternatives strategy, which can add liquid, alternative investments to any portfolio, Flexible Plan has four actively managed, suitability-based strategies: Market Leaders, with three different risk management approaches available; Next Generation Asset Allocation, for the latest approach to modern portfolio theory; Lifetime Evolution, asset allocation through fund rotation; and for its premier accounts (those over $100,000), Strategic Allocation, with custom allocated portfolios of actively managed strategies. Accounts as low as $5,000 are accepted.

Hanlon Investment Management, founded in 1999, manages accounts utilizing a formula-driven, systematic method, employing technical and quantitative analysis to determine when portfolios should be fully invested in the proper asset allocation for that client and when they should be defensive and conservatively invested in money market funds. Hanlon’s unique approach is that during those “productive” times in the markets, client accounts should be fully invested, and alternatively, in times of market uncertainty, even the most aggressive investor’s assets should be reallocated to defensive positions in order to attempt to limit portfolio drawdown. Hanlon offers a broad range of portfolio allocations to accommodate the risk tolerance, investment objectives, and time horizon for almost all investor types. The professional money management services that Hanlon Investment Management offers are available in brokerage accounts at two major custodians, designated 401(k)/403(b) platforms, variable annuity and variable universal life products.

Horizon InvestmentsLLC has been driving investment management solutions for serious investors since 1995. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Horizon’s Active Asset Allocation approach seeks to achieve the maximum amount of flexibility for each client by continually considering the three fundamental components of the process: Market Direction, Asset Allocation, and Portfolio Construction. As practitioners and academics, Horizon’s team of investment professionals may see applications where others may not, and may uncover flaws that remain hidden to the rest. The result is a unique interpretation of the marketplace that drives the firm’s investment management and the innovative, flexible products it manufactures.

Pinnacle Advisory GroupIncwas founded in 1993 as a private wealth management firm providing unbiased and objective advice to affluent clients. Over the past 17 years Pinnacle has become an acknowledged leader in the field of tactical asset management. Through Pinnacle’s association with Transamerica Financial Advisors (TFA), Pinnacle is now able to offer four actively managed, globally diversified, multi-asset class strategies with family minimum investments of $50,000. As a relative value manager with strategies ranging from conservative to aggressive, Pinnacle tactically adjusts portfolio allocations based on a top-down view of the global economy and market cycles, technical analysis, and the valuation of various asset classes. By applying both quantitative and qualitative approaches in its investment methodology, Pinnacle seeks to systematically meet each client’s goals for total return. Pinnacle manages brokerage accounts through Fidelity Investments, as well as 401(k)/403(b) plans.


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